hello, anybody still here?

April 2, 2019 • 18 comments • 37120 views

Wow has it really been 5 months?

I’ve missed seeing this white blank box on my screen so much, but between Instagram and Youtube, I really don’t know how to fit blogging into it as well. That is, with running a business and raising 3 kids too. Sometimes 4 kids, depending on how Fadza acts that day.

Since I’m here I better give a brief overview of everyone.

Me, I’m still the same old me. Just a bit chubbier – I’m at my heaviest now 49kg. I weighed myself yesterday and I was 49.9kg and I starved myself today because I’d die if I cross the 50kg mark. I’ve never crossed it in my life (let’s not count pregnancy ok – all weighing scales should be hidden when you’re pregnant). My aim is 47kg which is back to my pre-pregnancy weight so that’s my next target. I say that, but there’s a cookie in my mouth as I type this. So clearly guys, I have not changed one bit.

mariam the playa

November 14, 2018 • 31 comments • 37039 views

Ignore my previous blog post guys. I totally cheated and went to work for a couple of hours and then picked up kids from school, then went home and spent the whole day with Baby Sarah in my kain batik and socks again don’t worry haha.

But anyway! Something interesting happened when I picked Mariam up from her classroom. There was a BOY, a BOY guys. Not just any boy, but a boy who liked her and she liked him too. IT WAS SO OBVIOUS.

After she put on her shoes and took her bag, she held my hand and we walked towards the exit. The boy (let’s call him STEPAWAYFROMMYDAUGHTERPLEASEBOY) was waiting at the corridor and smiled at her as she walked towards him. I looked at my own daughter who I have changed name to IMGOINGTOTELLDADDY and this girl had the cheek to smile back. Like not just smile guys, GRIN.

cheating confinement

November 12, 2018 • 6 comments • 27622 views

“I’m actually excited for confinement this time, guys. I’m so going to do it properly. I’m going to just chill and watch all the Netflix I want,” I remember saying to Toots and Mimak during pregnancy.

Well, on Day 7 I went to the office (a little detour after Sarah’s doctor’s appointment hehe) and I’ve been out everyday since. Cikyah (my confinement lady, remember her from Mariam’s pantang??) knows how stubborn and naughty I am, so this time round, she brought her suitcase and declared that she was going to stay with me the entire confinement. You should’ve seen the horror on my face… how am I going to sneak out now?!

sarah’s tahnik

November 5, 2018 • 5 comments • 31988 views

Our little family did a tahnik for Sarah to celebrate her one week into this world. We did it for Daniel and Mariam before, and so the tradition continues. It was supposed to be a small do with just immediate family and best friends, but then it somehow ended up with a tent outside, we invited a few more people from the FV management team and we got catering etc… trust a bored lady in pantang to plan a small do hehe.

Sharing some pictures from the day: 

Sarah was put on the floor while our family and friends gathered to witness the tahnik ceremony. A bit of dates and a bit of honey were given to her to symbolise sweetness in her life, followed by more prayers recited by the Ustaz.

meet sarah

November 3, 2018 • 15 comments • 29792 views

For Daniel, I remember blogging asap to announce his birth. For Mariam, I was busy adjusting to having two kids, that I took about a week to announce on my blog.

Third baby?


I’m 24 days late to announce her birth on my blog. *nervous laughter*

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d already know and you’ve seen her updates already. But just pretend to be surprised and congratulate me again ok? Also pretend that you’re seeing this photo for the first time ok….